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entre otros ramilletes de creadores,, poetas, artistas y pensadores:


Ca Dao: Vietnamese Folk Poems (MP3)
Celtic Mouth Music
Ella Fitzgerald
Slim Gaillard
Indonesian Ketjack
Inuit Throat Music
Sainkho Namtchylak
Nigun / Nigunim
Maria Sabina
Tuvan Throat Singing


Cuna: Muu's Way
Chippewa: Songs & Song Pictures
Hidatsa: Lean Wolf's Complaint
Jewish Visual Poetry
Mayan Hieroglyphs
Navajo Visual Poetry
Shaker Visual Poetry
Apollinaire and Anonymous Roman
Adolf Wölfli


from Poèmes Negres by Tristan Tzara (1916)
"The Annunciation" by Marpa, Tibet, 11th Century
"A Shaman Climbs Up the Sky" Altaic, Siberia
"The Killer" after A'yunini, Cherokee
"15 Flower World Variations" Yaqui
"A Poem for the Small Face" I. Luria (Aramaic)
"A Poem for the Shekinah..." I. Luria (Aramaic)
Eskimo and Other Translations
Jerome Rothenberg -- From A Book of Events
Vietnamese Folk Poems (texts)
Aztec Poems (Nahuatl) -- The Flight of Quetzalcoatl
Jacob Nibenegenesabe (Swampy Cree) ­ From The Wishing Bone Cycle
Yaqui -- 15 Flower World Variations
Shamanistic Songs of Roman Estrada (Translation from Mazatec by Alvaro Estrada / Translation into English by Henry Munn)
- Finnish Cloud-Cake Songs and Related Commentaries

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "Song of the Owl"

- Dennis Tedlock "A Conversation with Madness" from The Human Work, the Human Design: 2,000 Years of Mayan Literature [PDF]

  • Demosthenes Agrafiotis -- Alpha-bêtes. De ciel, de terre [PDF]
    Alcheringa - Statement of Intention [HTML]
    Robert Bringhurst -- Excerpt from "Story as Sharp as a Knife: The Classical Haida Mythtellers and Their World (1999/2000)

  • - Ghandl (Haida) / per Robert Bringhurst - Goose Food [PDF, 172K]
    - Spoken Music [PDF, 132K]
    - Shláwtxan / Robert Bringhurst -- The Prosody of Meaning

    Michael Davidson - The Scandal of Speech in Deaf Performance [HTML]
    H-Dirksen L. Bauman - Redesigning Literature: Poetics of American Sign Language Poetry [HTML]
    Robert Duncan -- "Rites of Particiation"
    Brent Hayes Edwards - Louis Armstrong and the Syntax of Scat [Microsoft Word Doc]
    Yunte Huang -- Angel Island and the Poetics of Error [PDF]
    Bronislaw Malinowski -- The Meaning of Meaningless Words... [HTML]
    Henry Munn -- Writing in the Imagination of an Oral Poet [HTML]
    The People's Poetry Language Initiative -- A Declaration Of Poetic Rights And Values [PDF] Kenneth Rexroth -- American Indian Songs [HTML]
    Juan Gregorio Regino -- The Poet Speaks, The Mountain Sings... [HTML]
    Jerome Rothenberg -- Endangered Languages, Endangered Poetries [HTML]
    Jerome Rothenberg -- Introduction: Poetry Without Sound [HTML]
    Jerome Rothenberg -- Total Translation: An Experiment in the Translation of American Indian Poetry [HTML]
    Jerome Rothenberg -- Ethnopoetics at the Millennium
    Dinita Smith -- The Poetic Hearts Of Mayan Women Writ Large [PDF] Gary Snyder -- The Politics of Ethnopoetics [PDF]
    Nathaniel Tarn / Gary Snyder - From Anthropologist to Informant [PDF]
    Dennis Tedlock - Ethnopoetics
    Tristan Tzara -- Note on Negro Poetry (1918) [HTML]

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